Animal Crossing: How To Get A Villager To Leave Through Time Traveling

Animal Crossing New Horizon Time Traveling Guide:  How To Get A Villager to Leave

Some people are against time traveling, some people play the game for 2 days getting every item humanly possible, and some people down right just do not care what you do with the game.  We are of the later.  Play the game how you enjoy it.  My only advice to those that do time travel, please stop popping in on streamers who refuse to time traveling bragging about all the things you have.  No one cares!   You time traveled.  It’s meaningless to a player that doesn’t time travel.

With that being said, for the love of God, streamers that time travel, put “spoiler” in your title. Nothing is worse than a streamer that time travels and doesn’t warn those that pop in his room that he has time traveled and acquired all the wedding and Christmas items!

Now what you came for….

How to free up villagers through time traveling.  Most players, whether they agree with time traveling or not, have to be honest that the entire Amiibo system which forces villagers to leave, is equally as game breaking as time traveling.  So if you are okay with the Amiibo system forcing out villagers, give these time travelers a break.

Time Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

By discord users:  soda#8937, zoe#1811, davidjl123#6170, kitty#7395, boat#5069, and tt-general!

Precursor(s):  Weeks in this game are Monday-Sunday, not Sunday-Saturday.

Time travelling will not break your game. Don’t worry about it being too risky– and no; it isn’t cheating. It’s up to you. Your game, you can play it how you want. Do we recommend you time travel in large increments before you finished the prologue? No, as we’ve had glitches happen due to this.



Q: How do I time travel?
A: Your Switch console settings! Here are the direct steps:

  • Open your System settings
  • Scroll down to system
  • Hit the “Date and Time” option
  • Turn off the “Synchronize Clock via Internet” option
  • Enter the date you desire.

*You can’t time travel while the game is open unless you’re on the “Save Complete” screen.

Q: What does time travel do?
A: It speeds up/regresses the passage of time within your game!

Q: How does time travelling backwards affect my game?
A: Time travelling backwards acts as what we call a “pseudo-day,” weeds do not grow, no progress is removed, instead, villagers will have the same speech pattern as if you have already spoken  to them and nothing else truly happens.

  • Furthermore, the Able Sisters and ABD Machine (within Resident services) will restock their DAILY items.
  • Nook’s Junction and the Able Sisters will not change their stock/weekly apparel unless you change the week you’re on (for example moving from sunday-monday)
    • Sold out items in Nook’s Cranny will stay sold out unless you change the week.
  • Ordered items and Gulliver’s letters will not be delivered!
  • Announcements will not be made!!
  • Turnips will rot and weekly turnip prices will be randomized if you rewind backwards in any amount, even a minute! Do be careful.
  • Villagers previously in boxes will leave an empty plot, and empty plots will be filled.
  • If you have invited a new villager DO NOT time travel back at all, or forward by more than one day at a time until the villager is moved in fully. Doing so can/will cause the house exterior glitch. See the pins in #glitches for more info!

Q: How does time travelling forwards affect my game?
A: Time travelling forwards simply allows you to complete things faster. You can get shops built  by avoiding the “24hr to build” rule, get your trees and flowers to grow/breed faster, and many more.

There are downsides, but they’re fairly miniscule and easy to manage!

  • Weeds! Weeds will grow whether you time travel a day forward or 60 years; but for the sake of your island, weeds stop growing massively after about 40 years worth, and it won’t affect you too much.
  • Cockroaches- those pesky things.. They will spawn inside of your home if you make a large enough leap in time, your Happy Home Academy score will be penalised drastically!
  • Turnip rot, as stated above in question 2!  However, leaving your turnips at a friends island while you warp, your turnips will be fine.  
  • Achievement dates! If you strongly wish for your nook mile achievements to show up according to real time, we’d advise you to not time travel when you’re close to completion as the dates appear when you achieve them, not when you claim them.

Q: Can I visit someone’s island if I’ve TT’d or vice versa?
A: Yes! Think of it like time zones, those don’t restrict you, so why would time travelling?

***This also applies to turnip selling! Your turnips won’t rot if you visit/have visitors from a person whose island is in a different time.

Q: Will my villagers leave if I time travel?
A: Not in this game! Villagers require your permission to move out.

The next few pages are entirely dedicated to Villager Eviction, please be mindful and read all of the precautions I have included.


Q: How can I get a villager to move out through time traveling?
A: This is a hefty question and varies from person to person. I will go on to introduce a few different methods, but please keep in mind these may not all work for you and you might need to try more methods to find the best one that fits you and your island.

Before you do that, here are some precautions:

  • At the time of writing this, there are glitches involved with claiming villagers that were kicked out via amiibo. I personally do not recommend claiming any villagers this applies to.
  • If a villager is in boxes (either moving in/out), DO NOT TT BACKWARDS. I cannot stress this enough. There are a multitude of possible issues ranging from them never moving in to permanently having a glitched plot/house.
  • Every time you jump forward in time, you need to open the game, do as the method asks of you, then save and exit. Rinse and repeat as the method states.
  • To increase the chance of your villagers being outside, make sure it’s 12-3pm and not raining, it helps LOADS.
  • It’s possible to move out your most recent villager through tt, but the probability of success is so low that it’s easier to just move someone else in before attempting a method. If you are unable to do this, you can still try (but it will take much longer)


Now that that’s out of the way, here are the methods:

The Most Popular Time Traveling / Kick a Villager Method:

Leap, Backpedal, Hop, by NelsonRB, BurnZilla13, davidjl123: 

I’ve personally found this method to almost always work within 10-15 minutes. You’re essentially ‘re-rolling’ the eviction thought bubble by force-quitting so that it eventually lands on your target villager. Therefore, you don’t have to keep restarting the process from the beginning if the desired goal doesn’t happen.

– Prerequisite:

– A method to set a 2 minute timer for yourself. This strategy will rely on the fact that the game autosaves exactly every 3 minutes. The usage of your timer will be elaborated upon later.

– Step 1 (Leap):

– Select a date to start on. For this example, we’ll pick January 1.

– Talk to some villagers. I recommend talking to 3. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, you can even talk to the one you’re kicking out.


– TT FORWARD one month & one day (Leap)

– Example: January 1 -> February 2

– Re-enter your game. Once you have walked out your door, SAVE &    EXIT again

– Step 2 (Backpedal):

– TT BACKWARD one month (Backpedal)

– Example: February 2 -> January 2

– I recommend setting your hour to around 1 PM, because that is when your villagers are most likely to be outside walking around.

– Step 3 (Hop):

– As SOON as you walk out your door, start a 2 minute timer for yourself. Look around for any villagers with bubbles. DO NOT try to push past 2 minutes; if the game autosaves this method will likely not Work.

  • Very often, I’ve found a bubble show up within the first 10 seconds of gameplay anyways. The timer is there just in case.

– Can’t find any bubbles? Bubble showed up on someone you don’t want to kick out? Got a reaction/sale? Target villager is inside or not walking? RESET WITHOUT SAVING (you don’t have to talk to any undesired bubbles). TT FORWARD one day (Hop) AND KEEP REPEATING THIS STEP until a bubble shows up on your target villager.

Message from David:   As stated in the introduction, this has worked for me like a charm. I hope this strategy works for other people as it did for me.

The Modified Month Method:

Modified Month, by boat:

This is for the lazy people out there: it doesn’t require you to talk to the villagers you want to stay. You can choose to talk to one or all, but it works even if you don’t talk to anyone. If you accidentally talk to the villager you want to kick out, it also doesn’t affect anything.

– Consider today’s date as your starting date, for example June 1, 2020. Make sure the time is set between 12-3pm (2pm works well for me).

– Change the date in system settings to July 1, 2020 (basically, move 1 month  forward).

– Load your game and spend a few minutes walking around your island to see if  anyone has a thought bubble or if they’re thinking while looking down: if not,   save and exit. Go to the next step.

– Change the date to July 2, 2020, load your game again and look for a villager that wants to move out.

– If it’s a villager that you want to stay, simply tell them you don’t want to move  out.

– Repeat the process until you get your desired villager wanting to move out of your island.

Message from Boat:  Just as a note, if it’s raining on your July 2, save and exit then move forward to July 3. Repeat from there (e.g.; July 3 -> August 3 -> August 4).

The 15-3 Method:

15-3 Method, by beel:

The 15-3 method is for the people who either want a simple way to move out villagers or for those who want to avoid going further than a month. You have a choice of whether or not you want to talk to the villagers you want to keep, you don’t have to because it’s all random.

– To start off you need a starting date, this will be day 1. The example date I will be using is April 1st, 2020 1PM. On day 1 you won’t need to spend too  much time, you can choose to talk to the villagers you want to keep or just

save & exit immediately.

– Change the date to 1 day ahead (April 2nd, 2020) and repeat whatever you did the previous day, or do whatever you want. Skip 1 more day (April 3rd, 2020) and repeat the exact same thing that you did with the previous 2, always remember to save & exit.

– Once you have finished with the 3 days you will need to skip ahead 15 days    (April 18th, 2020) and look around for the bubbles (They will not be inside houses), if it is raining skip 1 day ahead (April 19th, 2020) so it’s easier to find villagers. Make sure you’re using an appropriate time like 12PM or 1PM because villagers are usually all outside by then.

– If the villager you don’t want to keep wants to move, you can say no and  save & exit then restart on day 1, repeat it all again until the villager you want to move out has a bubble.

– Tips to find bubbles:

– Bubbles will never appear in a villager’s home.

– If there are absolutely no bubbles save & exit, skip 30 minutes or so ahead (1:30PM) and look around for some, you can also exit to the title screen and back in to sort of reset their activities as sometimes the villager that wants to move is inside their house.

– 30 minutes didn’t work? You can also try skipping ahead 3 days (April 21st, 2020 assuming the 18th day of tting was April 18th, 2020) and check if a villager has a bubble then.

Message from Beel:   hope this strategy is found useful to some of you, it may take minutes but believe me, you will find that it works and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a professional at finding bubbles. You might find this may take a little bit of time but as said before, you aren’t required to talk to any or all villagers! You can simply save & exit as soon as you get there. If the 30 min + 3 days doesn’t work still, keep adding 3 days, it works. Have fun moving out villagers!!

The 10 Day Method:

10 day, by miu:

Hi ~ this is a very simple method, similar to the 15-day method listed above, just in a smaller time-frame in the case you wish to draw back the amount of time you skip forward. There are essentially only two-three steps to this, and when using this method it should not take you more than 10 minutes before finding a villager who will want to leave. The time will vary depending on how specific you are on the villager you choose to kick-out.

`    – To begin you need to pick a start date, consider it the day you first open Animal Crossing. Let’s say it’s May 1st, 2020. On this day you do not need to do anything special, it is not required to talk to ANY villagers or visit any shops or spend any amount of in-game time during this day. The moment you get into the game on this day, you can instantly skip forward 10 days and set your time in game between 1pm

– 2pm, then proceed to step two.
– After your 10 day skip (for example: this will bring you to May 10th, 2020),spend a minute or so running around your island to check your villagers for a thought bubble / the animation which prompts them asking to move-out. You do not need to check inside of buildings for the villager, if they aren’t walking around with a thought bubble, proceed to step three.

– You will want to skip one more day now (for example: your in-game date will be  May 11th, 2020). Take time to run around once more as you did in step two and find a villager with a thought bubble. On this day you should 100% find someone considering to leave, however, if it is raining or if there is an event (bug-off/fishing tournament) skip one more day (May 12th, 2020) and the villager will ask to leave on that day instead.

– Repeat these steps until the villager you are hoping to move out is the one who asks to leave. So say you are trying to kick out Rodney and it was Zucker who asked to leave on May 12th, you will then want to jump forward another 10 days and repeat the steps again until it prompts the correct villager for you. This is all RNG based using this method so it may take a  couple of attempts before prompting the correct villager!

Message from Miu:  Just a small note here to add in ~ it is essential to keep your time in game to 1pm – 2pm when using this method as it is the time when most of your villagers are out of their homes. Also, if it is raining or there is an event, consider that a ‘void’ day as the chances of a villager asking to move is slim to none, and go forward with the steps as if that day did not happen. I have moved out 10+ villagers with this method with a 100% success rate under 20 minutes, so I hope you find the same success too ~ good luck ^_^

The 20 Year Time Traveling Method:

20 year, by soda: 

My preferred method and is fairly simple:
– Pick your starting date, my example will be in 2020.

– Move your year to 2040 (this makes the villagers lonely.)

– Run around and talk to the villagers you want to stay; not required but it  has helped me.

– Exit and change your year to 2060 (this makes one villager AT RANDOM want to move out.)

– Look around for the villager thinking, and they’ll wanna move out!


In essence, these are all of the methods we have that work for a variety/multitude of players. If none of these work for you, please, trial them again. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to ask questions on whether you’re doing anything right!