Arcade1Up Announces Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet And More

For years, Arcade1Up has brought classic arcade games to the home with a series of 3/4 scale machine that often include multiple games. This week, the company announced its next round of cabinets, which includes iconic games such as Ms. Pac-Man, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Big Buck Hunter. Here’s the full breakdown. 

The first new cabinet is Ms. Pac-Man. While this cabinet only features the one title, it is a big one, and according to Arcade1Up, this is the first time Ms. Pac-Man cabinets have been made for home use.

The second cabinet is themed after Capcom’s Marvel fighting games and includes two games: Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Unfortunately, we don’t know when Arcade1Up plans to release this machine. 

The third cabinet is themed after The Big Buck Hunter franchise and includes four different titles licensed from Play Mechanix: Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, Big Buck Safari, and Big Buck Safari Outback. This cabinet also includes two light gun accessories for multiplayer action.

Finally, Arcade1Up has teamed up with Zen Studios and Marvel Studios to create an immersive digital pinball machine that features haptic feedback and more than 10 pre-install games. 

All of these cabinets are set to release sometime before this holiday season. Arcade1Up hasn’t offered exact pricing details for any of these cabinets, but they typically sell for somewhere between $399-$499. 

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