Balan Wonderworld Arrives On March 26, 2021

The creators of everyone’s favorite speedy blue critter Sonic the Hedgehog are back with Balan Wonderworld. When can we dive into the action? Balan Wonderworld arrives March 26, 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and Steam. Since the announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase, players have been looking forward to every scrap of action-platforming that Balan’s magical world contains. Some information that wasn’t front and center during the game’s first appearance is the fact that there are twelve different tales to explore in Wonderworld.

Each tale has its own mechanics, features, and other foibles that differentiate them from the others. We’re guessing that the spider web screenshot above showcases some of that special gameplay that will be unique to its tale. Balan Wonderworld supports local co-op, so you can team up with a friend to combine costume abilities. Clever use of costume skills from two players can unlock new secret areas that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise!

You can check out the original announcement trailer below!

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