Bandai Namco Confirms Digimon Survive’s July Release Date

Earlier this week, a leaked release date of July 29 for the long-awaited Digimon Survive made the rounds on gaming websites and social media. Today, Bandai Namco made it official.

In a succinct video message, Digimon Survive producer Kazumasa Habu confirmed the July date, which appears to be the worldwide release given that pre-orders are now live on retail sites. Check out his message below. 

The release confirmation ends a long wait for Digimon fans; Survive was first announced in 2018 with a 2019 release window. The turn-based strategy game stars a group of teens who find their way to the Digital World, and their respective Digimon partners, during a school camping trip. Goggles-wearing protagonist Takuma Momozuka and his buddy Agumon lead this gang to rescue the world from an unknown threat. You can watch the recent English teaser trailer here. 

Digimon Survive will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.