Collection Of Final Fantasy Legend Games Coming To Switch

Final Fantasy was a popular name even back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and it was sometimes applied to games that weren’t technically part of the Final Fantasy series in order to catch the attention of a wider audience in North America. One such example is Final Fantasy Legend on Game Boy, which was actually the beginning of the SaGa series.  

Today, Square Enix revealed that RPG fans are getting a chance to experience the origins of that franchise once again as part of a Switch-exclusive, digital-only collection that costs $20.

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The collection releases on December 15, and includes Final Fantasy Legend I, II, and III – all originally released for Game Boy. It also has a few additional features, like speed boosting and adjustable screen magnification. 

Sometimes going back to RPGs from this era can be tough if you don’t have the nostalgia from the first time around – especially without revamped visuals. But whether you played this series before or not, it’s cool to see this little piece of history being preserved.