Fortnite Save The World – The First Streamers to AFK the UFO in Twine Endurance

What is Endurance in Fortnite Save The World?

Endurance is the ultimate test for builders in Fortnite.  It is 30 rounds of pure hell.  Unlike a Storm Shield Defense, Endurance goes 30 rounds jumping from Amp to Amp.  And as of a few months ago, the Husks went from the default 140, to now hitting up into the 500s.  Yes, Smashers level 500!

Each map, Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny, and Twine, all have their own varations of Endurance.  Twine is seen as the ultimate test.

It was long believed that the Twine map just wasn’t possible to AFK because wave 25 consisted of a UFO.  The UFO was possible to shift, possible to delay, but just wasn’t possible to sit AFK and let wave 25 do what it does, DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE AMP.  Well, finally,  The Barbershop has pulled off the impossible!  Not the first to upload to YouTube, but the first streamers to do it live on Twitch, but moreover, the first players to do it with a totally unique build.  No lifts, no tutorials using elements from other AFK builds, nothing.  For the last 3 months the Barbershop has been working blind on building (and destroying) various Amps.   By blind I mean, they started doing Endurance with no previous knowledge on how it worked, where the waves spawned, or anything that gave them a slight advantage.   And with that almost innocent day 1 builder mentality, it made for extremely entertaining streams!

It wasn’t uncommon to see in their chat, “You guys really need to understand how Endurance works before you try to do this type of thing…..”

Achieving the Impossible

We decided to ask Grumpy Rock of The Barbershop what the biggest obstacle was in trying to do something considered impossible on stream.  He responded, “The biggest issue when doing a project like this, live on stream, sometimes 15 to 18 hours a day, is that you get a lot of people in chat that can’t allow their minds to see other ways to do Amp builds.  It’s their way, or no way.  And unfortunately, their way is usually not their way at all.  These younger players see videos with tutorials and do not know why they are building the way they are building.  And because it works for them, they will come into our stream and can’t understand why someone would do it different.  In fact, a lot of times you deal with viewers that tell you how bad your builds are, just because it isn’t the default build that most of the players have used.  But that’s why we did it this way.  We wanted to involve our community and break the rules.  I believe we did that.”

They definitely did.