Free Twitch Panels – A Simple Sign (Blood Red)

A Simple Sign is a simple theme that looks nice on your page but also has a straight forward design that is easy on the eyes.  You can’t go wrong with this one as a start up theme.

All panels are original and created by the designers who represent for use by small streamers.  We #supportsmallstreamers.  A non visible watermark is placed on these panels.  If there is another website with these themes/panels, it is being distributed illegally.  Please do not redistribute these panels as your own as they are intended for small streamers to use on their streaming pages only.  If anyone asks about your panels, please direct them to our page to help support our mission.  Thanks.

Right click and save each image you need (save image as):


Instructions on how to set up your twitch page below.

Go to your twitch page and login.  After you are logged in, go to your twitch page as if you were trying to view your stream.  You will see below your offline banner the follow box “Edit Panels”



Turn on Edit Panels.



Go to one of the boxes below and click the + sign.



“Add Image”



Find the area where you saved your Free Twitch Panels and select the one you need:



Click “Done” as the Panel is already ready for your page.  Although you see black around the button, it will be transparent on your page.



I leave the “Panel Title” blank because the image is now your Panel Title.  If you want your image to link to another page (for example: gamewisp), simply put the link in the “Image Links To” box.  Fill out the description and hit “Submit”.   All done.   Once you refresh the page it will go back to normal view mode and you can see how it will look to everyone else!