Hitman 3 Details Game Modes

Hitman 3 is coming next January, and today IO Interactive decided to drop an information treasure trove on the game modes that players can explore. Players can engage in a classic campaign experience first and foremost, one that promises a “dramatic conclusion” to the World of Assassination trilogy.

Elusive Target mode lets players track down a unique target with almost no assistance from the HUD or Instinct. This mode is meant to be the ultimate challenge in Hitman, with the details coming sometime in the future.

Escalations mode, well, escalates. Over the course of a contract, new foibles keep the mission pumping with new restrictions and new dangers. Maybe you won’t be able to use certain disguises. Maybe more security cameras will show up. No one really knows, but the situation keeps ratcheting up until you either complete the mission or… well, you know what happens in the other scenario.

Contracts Mode allows you pick your target, method of removal, and more before doing the deed. After you do it, you can challenge friends to handle the same mission and shoot for the high score. It’s the Mario Maker of murder!

Sniper Assassin mode lets you… You’ll never guess. Snipe! This silent-and-deadly mode is all about getting the kills without triggering any attention. It Hitman 3, Sniper Assassination is a single-player experience.

Ghost Mode won’t be in Hitman 3. Booooooo! (Get it?)

You can read more about the big modes coming in Hitman 3 over on the official site.