How To Stream To Twitch / Youtube / Using Your Mobile Phone – Android

A lot of small streamers have been asking us how to stream to Twitch or Youtube using their cellphones.  They’ve heard about Twitch releasing an app soon that will enable them to walk around the mall or go outside and stream live.  Well, for months now there has already been an option for Android users called BitStream.  This app is free to use and available in the Android Store.   Simply load up the application, login to twitch, click “Go Live on Twitch”, select a server location, and select your bitrate.  I personally would select 360p, 500kbps because you are mobile and it will use your data.  If you are on wifi, up the settings a bit if you like.  You will also be using your data, so the lower the frames the better.   You will be able to see the chat.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom as a lot of people think the chat is not active because they do not scroll down.  Set up your title and everything else via the website prior to turning on your stream.

If you are a small streamer without much audience, you may not want to watch the chat too much if there isn’t a lot of activity.  Do what you enjoy doing, film yourself outside as if you are vlogging for youtube, and make sure you have your twitch stream set up to “archive” so users can watch your highlights at a later date if they like.

Make sure when you are done broadcasting you click on the 3 small dots in the lower right hand corner of the screen and hit “Stop broadcast” and then confirm.  A lot of streamers accidentally leave the stream on when they think the “back arrow” turns the program off.  It will remain running.

Happy IRL mobile streaming!