✔ Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver

Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver

Jen Pulver is a UFC Legend, Former UFC Champ, and an all around amazing human being.  Although he is a Twitch partnered streamer (the third partnered streamer our website has featured), he is still new to streaming.   Much like his MMA career, you can see his dedication to streaming.  Also, he keeps an actual schedule.  Can you believe that?  A small streamer that actually sticks to his schedule?   You can catch Jens Pulver playing various games with his son on his Twitch page, ask him questions about fighting, and even have an opportunity to play with him if there are openings.  Jens Pulver is probably the most personable UFC Legend/fighter that I have ever encountered.  If you are an MMA fan, there is no better MMA fighter streaming than Lil Evil.

URL: http://twitch.tv/jenspulver