Keemstar Gets A Lesson in Live Streaming

YouTube vs Twitch.  Keemstar gets a lesson in live streaming.

There is a big difference between YouTube and Twitch.  One being YouTube is usually prerecorded video clips edited and well thought out.  While Twitch streamers usually work on the fly, stream live, and improv most of their content.  If someone was to come into a live stream trolling, these streamers have to adapt and be quick on their feet and sharp with their tongues.

Keemstar learned this the hard way  as the Twitch streamers from The Barbershop have been dealing with trolls in their streams for almost 3 years now. Unknowingly, Keemstar and his following took the bait from a stream that has been baiting viewers for years on Twitch.  After the live raid / encounter of Keemstar and his following, Keemstar’s own Twitter timeline changed from hateful comments about The Barbershop, to spamming him about how bad he was being roasted live by the streaming duo.   Lesson 1:  If you go into a Twitch stream and think these streamers aren’t quick on their feet, you are mistaken.  This is the new generation of “Let’s Plays”, they aren’t prerecorded, they aren’t edited, and a lot of these live streamers have the slickest tongues in the business.  These streamers deal with trolls, fake raids, sarcasm, and rude people almost daily. The Barbershop specifically being a stream built around the concept of troll baiting and purposely triggering people that enter their space to speak up about things they may find out of place in the stream’s overlay.

Speaking with The Barbershop….

We spoke to Nessa from The Barbershop and this is what she had to say about trigger/troll baiting, “Since 2015 we have placed Easter eggs in our streams that tend to trigger people.  This is just something we did from the beginning as a way to almost make fun of our own community, Twitch streamers.  At one point, it almost made us the bad guys on Twitch, but eventually we got embraced  and accepted.  Whether it be our overlays, our attire, or just the chairs we are sitting in, we put things in our stream fishing for new viewers  to speak up.  This is what Twitch is all about, interaction.  Some people play games extremely well, so they get people to speak up about game play.  Some ladies have huge boobies, so they get people to speak up (positive or negative) about the streamer’s sexual intentions, and some streamers are pure entertainers and get people to speak up based off personality.  It’s a gimmick, like an ice breaker.  Sometimes it turns out ugly, and sometimes the viewer falls in love with the baiting idea and joins in on the fun when the next person comes along and gets triggered.”   Nessa continues, “This weekend we caught one of the biggest fish on social media, Keemstar.”

We also asked Rocky from The Barbershop about what Nessa calls baiting.  Rocky responded, “I have no idea what Nessa is talking about to be honest.  I was upset and cried when I realized that Keemstar was trolling our stream to get content for his YouTube and Twitter pages.  I looked up to Keemstar and have always inspired to be a social media gossip and snitch like him.”

Keemstar Makes Twitch Streamer Cry

The video above was live improv from The Barbershop when Keemstar’s following was harassing the streamers about their chairs and mics.  *The video above was removed by Twitch after it received complaints.

We asked Nessa how Rocky was able to load up Keemstar’s own intro and scene within seconds  of  Keemstar’s unexpected visit in the live stream.  Nessa responded, “A lot of people on Twitch will come in streams and try to compare us to something.  They call us all types of names and compare us to random things such as Shrek, Jersey Shore castaways, or Keemstar. As live streamers we have to be prepared.  For laughs, for entertainment, for the live streaming community.  Therefore, we developed scenes for anyone that comes into the stream and mentions certain things, to shut down any unoriginal jokes that may follow.  You have to have thick skin to live stream.  Also, it definitely helps to be able to laugh at yourself.”

We asked Rocky what he felt about Keemstar purposely using a photo that was altered of them for his Tweet on his social media.  Rocky responded, “Listen, Keemstar has a lane, he is a monster at social media and he knows what he is doing.  Post a goofy picture and get views and retweets.  We have a lane too, live stream and roast anyone that comes in our stream looking to get their rocks off at our expense.  He learned that this weekend.  He  should stay in his lane and keep posting silly pics on Twitter and updating us with gossip about the latest Disney stars on YouTube.  And we’ll stay in our lane, creating content and entertaining our community.”