✔ Ninjy


Ninjy is the absolute best Destiny streamer on Twitch and no one else is even close.  If you have not heard or been to Ninjy’s stream, then apparently you do not like the game Destiny.  Ninjy is knowledgeable, streams daily, and is probably the most dedicated streamer to Destiny we have ever seen.   He also has a YouTube channel dedicated to all types of information dealing with Destiny and Destiny 2.  Do yourself a favor and check Ninjy out!

*Edit.  As of October 2018, Ninjjy is now a Twitch partnered streamer!   Congratulations Ninjy!  For the record, in September 2018 Ninjy led all other Destiny streamers in Destiny 2’s hardest raid, and was ahead by HOURS.  His stream hit 26,000 concurrent viewers that night!  

URL: http://twitch.tv/ninjy