Retro Sci-Fi Adventure Game The Invincible Gets First Teaser Trailer

The Invincible is an upcoming sci-fi game announced last fall based on the 1964 novel of the same name. The game is the debut title by Starward Industries, a studio made up of ex-Techland and CD Projekt Red designers. After sharing screenshots of the intriguing project, Starward dropped the first teaser trailer, which sets a tense atmosphere for the spacefaring adventure.

Famed sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem wrote The Invincible, which tells the tale of a spacecraft called Invincible landing on planet Regis III. Its team of explorers is on a mission to locate its missing sister ship, but the crew discovers an alien vessel and a mysterious form of self-replicating life. The trailer introduces protagonists Dr. Yasna, the woman exploring the surface of Regis III, and her ally Astrogator Novik. Starward describes the game as a cinematic adventure thriller with branching storylines leading to multiple endings. 

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The Invincible was previously slated for this year but will instead launch in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. While we still don’t have much of a sense of the game’s moment-to-moment gameplay, the retro-futuristic aesthetic and celebrated source material should be enough to excite sci-fi fans.

What do you think about this first look at The Invincible? Are you a fan of the book or its author? Let us know in the comments!