Riot Is Celebrating League Of Legends Netflix Series Arcane Throughout November

Riot Games is taking the whole month of November to celebrate its new Netflix animated series Arcane within all of its League of Legends universe games. The event dubbed RiotX Arcane starts today, with the official kickoff beginning on November 6 at the League of Legends World Championship.

This upcoming “Super Weekend” will include World Championship tournament play and the premiere of Arcane episode one at 5:30 p.m. Pacific on Saturday. It will be the first Netflix show to have a simultaneous debut on Twitch, which fans can watch on Riot’s page or co-streamed on other content creators’ Twitch channels. The remaining two episodes of Arcane will be released weekly on Netflix.

To commemorate Arcane’s premiere, Riot is releasing updates in all of its League-related games all month long, some of which are based on the new show. Here’s what Riot has cooking for players throughout November:

League of Legends:

Free Arcane-inspired skins for Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx
Preseason 2022 Update featuring new elemental drakes, items, and runes
Caitlyn Art & Sustainability Update
Map accents on Summoner’s Rift and more!
League of Legends: Wild Rift:

Arcane Experience in-game event
Arcane Jinx and Vi skins available free through daily login rewards
Jayce and Caitlyn’s long-awaited release in the Hextech Heist event
Themed weeks in Guild vs Guild, including Jinx vs Vi
Legends of Runeterra:

The release of a new permanent PvE mode, The Path of Champions
New Champion: Jayce
Thematic support cards from Piltover & Zaun
Mega Event Pass
Teamfight Tactics:

Gizmos & Gadgets set release
Arcane-themed Tacticians including the introduction of new Chibi Champions 
A new Double Up mode for you to play with your friends

Free RiotX Arcane Pass
Free in-game Collectible Items 
In-game Arcane Collector’s Set
New Agent: Chamber
Fans can also check out this month-long narrative adventure from Riot, which can be found at The World of RiotX Arcane event hub. The story will advance throughout November and reward players with in-game goods. Twitch drops will also be in effect for those watching any of the Riot games above starting on November 7.

Will you be watching the premiere of Arcane this weekend? Are you looking forward to any of these new characters, modes, or skins being added to Riots games? Let us know in the comments!