See 15 Minutes Of Dying Light 2 In Action On The New Dying 2 Know

Click here to watch embedded media Techland’s most recent episode of its video series Dying 2 Know shows off 15 minutes of gameplay and has an extra surprise at the end, which will be spoiled here, I guess. It’s free games!

Senior producer Kornel Jaskuła sets up the footage (at the 4:36 mark in the video above), which starts with protagonist Aiden Caldwell and his associate Lowain, played by Rosario Dawson, celebrating The City’s power roaring back to life before suddenly shutting back down. From there, you’ll see plenty of what I’m now calling “the Five P’s of Dying Light 2 Stay Human”: Parkour, Paragliding, Politicking, Powering structures, and Popping zombies in the mouth with a lethal weapon … It’s not a perfect mnemonic. It covers a mission titled “A Place to Call Home” that shows off plenty of traversal, fighting, NPC interactions, and how your choices affect The City, its residents, and Aiden’s relationships.

At the tail end of the broadcast, it’s announced that Techland is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and it’s the one giving out the gifts! Starting today on GOG, you can pick up a $0.00 copy of 2001’s Crime Cities, and next week Steam will be harboring a complimentary copy of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger to add to your library.

For more in-depth, hands-on impressions of Dying Light 2, please see your way to this New Gameplay Today and Brian Shea’s piece on his time at the game’s recent preview event.