Star Wars: Squadrons Won’t Have Microtranactions And Isn’t A Live Service Game

When asked if Star Wars: Squadrons would follow in the footsteps of most multiplayer games that deliver post-launch content, Motive Studios’ creative director Ian Frazier shocked me in saying the team isn’t eyeing that possibility at the moment.

“Our mindset has been very old school,” Frazier says. “We’re trying to say with this game that we have a $40 price point, we want to feel generous to players, and we want it to feel like a complete experience. Like ‘You gave us your $40. Here’s a game that you will love. Thank you.’ That’s it. This isn’t something we are building around a live-service strategy. It’s built around a game that is complete and great in its own right. That’s not to say we will never add anything, I guess we could, but it’s not presented as a live service.”

Frazier says the door is open for more, but when the game launches on October 2, players won’t have to worry about looking ahead and can just focus on unlocking all of the content Motive Studios created for the base game. We don’t know how deep Star Wars: Squadrons’ well is, and if people unlock it all quickly if it will lead to less people playing, but the approach of ‘get everything for $40’ is different and could be cool.