Stone Cold Steve Austin Stuns Us With A Zelda Reference

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<p>It’s always fun when our interests collide in fun and strange ways. One of my favorite things to watch almost any night of the week is pro wrestling. I’ve been a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin&nbsp;since he broke out as a mega-star in the 90’s, and since I&nbsp; know him as a real outdoorsy kind of guy, I never thought he’d be keeping up with what’s popular in the world of gaming. In a promo for an upcoming episode of <em>The Broken Skull Sessions</em>, where Steve Austin interviews wrestlers and those around the industry, he shocked me and his most recent guest, WWE’s newest big acquisition, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.</p>

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<p>In a rapid-fire interview used as a commercial for <em>The Broken Skull Sessions</em>, Austin starts out by asking Rhodes which Zelda game is the best.&nbsp;The American Nightmare instantly and confidently replied, “Ocarina of Time. Hands down,” when out of nowhere, Austin shoots back by saying, “No&nbsp;dude,&nbsp;<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Breath of the Wild</a>.” What?! He knows about Zelda. WHAT? He’s talking about Link. WHAT? The elf boy with the sword. WHAT? He fights against Ganon. Cody follows up by calling Breath of the Wild a “bold choice.”</p>

<p><em>Game Informer</em> respectfully disagrees with both of them, though their&nbsp;choices are solidly&nbsp;in the top three. You can read <a href=”” target=”_blank”>our ranking of every Zelda game here</a>.</p>

<p>Cody Rhodes, if you didn’t know, is a huge Zelda fan. He has a triforce tattooed on his ring finger, and you can usually spot that same Hyrulian relic on his wrestling gear. His return to WWE at this year’s Wrestlemania&nbsp;was even&nbsp;greeted with a quote straight from Ocarina of Time by WWE commentator Corey Graves. Like Cody, a lot of his generation of wrestlers are very much into video games. Fellow <a href=”” target=”_blank”>WWE Superstar Xavier Woods</a> (AKA Austin Creed) has run a successful YouTube channel for WWE called UpUpDownDown and is currently a host on the recently revived G4 network. Other wrestlers like AEW’s Adam Cole,&nbsp;Evil Uno, and Kip Sabian&nbsp;as well as former WWE stars Cesaro and Tyler Breeze are all active Twitch streamers.</p>

<p>Stone Cold casually uttering the title of&nbsp;Nintendo’s iconic game&nbsp;is an astonishing moment I surely did not expect to see in 2022, but here we are. You can watch the video in the tweet embedded above. The full episode of <em>The Broken Skull Sessions</em>&nbsp;with Cody Rhodes will air on the WWE Network through Peacock this Friday.&nbsp;</p>