Streamers Top 5 Biggest Mistakes

This is an opinion piece, not fact.  However, some of these opinions have been polled in various communities so don’t shrug them off just because you disagree.

5.  Adding a Subscribe Button prior to having a 100 followers turns off possible viewers. I understand that most streamers want to develop their stream pages and immediately make their page look identical to the 2 million + other streamers out there, but nothing is more lonely than seeing your Subscribe list with 0 people.  Set up a Subscribe button once you have began developing your community and release it with an announcement.  Make sure you have a few people lined up to subscribe.

4. Playing games you do not like just because the game is popular.  The viewers aren’t as dumb as you think.   Play games you love to play, so you enjoy what you are doing and end up with a following that enjoys the same games you enjoy.  Why would you want to get 200 followers from people who want to see you play a game you secretly hate.  Do not turn your streaming hobby into a marketing project, you will end up extremely disappointed.

3. Do not allow your viewers in audio chats during your streams.  This is always a quality disaster.  Different quality mics, different age groups, trolls, and followers that have it built up in their head that they are funnier than you.   All recipes for a horrible stream.   Not to mention, I personally can’t stand when a streamer has dialogue with others rather than the chat itself.  Unfortunately there are a lot of major streamers that do this and smaller streamers think it’s okay because of that.

2. Do not overly talk about your desire for partnership during your broadcasts.  This usually happens to streamers after they have applied for partnership and have been turned down.  The negative energy will flow and it turns everyone off.  There is nothing you can say that will speed up the process, so focus on the positives of why you stream and keep streaming.

1. Keep a schedule.  This is one of the most common mistakes of all new streamers.  If you are relying on the notification system to grow your community, you are going to be extremely disappointed.  A schedule is everything.  Streaming is broadcasting correct?  If your favorite show was on television at 8 PM one day, then 2 PM the next day, what would happen?  It would probably be canceled because without a fixed schedule, it would not sustain an audience.  Make a schedule, stick to your schedule, and you will quickly see a few room regulars pop in daily.