Team Application

We started with one thing in mind: build a network of small streamers that are willing to help their stream team as much as they help themselves. #supportsmallstreamers is more than just a hashtag. If every streamer who typed #supportsmallstreamers actually supported small streamers, there would be a lot less small streamers.  We’d like to give perks to those up and coming streamers who just want a few follows, a few more views, and a team to grow with – a foundation.  For team members who are active in other streams, we’d like to give them front page exposure on the team website.  We’d also like to create a 24-hour schedule and keep our front page with a live streamer at all times.  If you want to find a team that is looking to help you grow, contact us now.  That is what is all about.

Below is a contact form for those interested in joining our team.  We accept VERY FEW applications because it’s hard to find new streamers serious about networking, dedicated to streaming, and not looking for a quick fix. We want the most dedicated team of streamers that are willing to help their teammates grow, and at the same time, grow with them. If you get accepted to our team, we will give you front page exposure, support your live streams, and help promote you, as long as you are willing to help promote the others on your team. #supportsmallstreamers doesn’t work if you yourself aren’t supporting other streamers. We are looking for motivated team members willing to help the team, as much as they are themselves.  Please see below: