The T-W-I-T-C-H System For New / Small / All Streamers

As a humble, small streamer, I hope to connect to other Halo enthusiasts. Easier said than done though, so here’s a few tips I found helped me out, enjoy:

Time investment.  You should be spending  just as much time adding content and networking as you are streaming.  Networking, like in real life, isn’t something you do once and call it a day (even if you’re successful). Networking is constant, which means always looking for opportunities to introduce yourself, make connections, etc. Don’t give up either if networking goes wrong once, learn from your mistakes!

Watch other medium/small streamers and not only see how they promote themselves during a live stream, but check their info panel too. Watch another streamers community and watch how they interact with the streamer.  Watch for new tips from websites (reddit/smallstreamers/etc) that are community based and have people eager to help you. Watch large streamers to create your personal stream goals give yourself something to work for.

Interaction. Interaction is key for any streamer. Yes, there are lurkers out there watching streams, but when a viewers wants to say hi or ask a question, interact with them. Better yet, depending on the game, invite them to play. If you guys have a good enough time, that viewer would definitely consider dropping a follow.

Tweet, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook. These social media outlets are great tools to get your name out there. #smallstreamers and see if you get a new viewer next time! Edit videos and put it on YouTube so the billions of YouTubers know that you are also on twitch. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are great ways to connect to followers to give them a better idea of what kind of person you are outside of streaming.

Communities! There’s lots of gaming and twitch communities out there. Favorite game is Minecraft? Join some Minecraft message boards and let people know an awesome castle you build on your twitch stream, if you don’t act too overbearing, they just may watch and check it out!

Host and get hosted. Just a small recommendation. If you watch a medium/small streamer and like what you see, don’t be afraid to ask them if you can host them. Streamers love being hosted, it’s the equivalent of saying “Here, my friends are your friends now”. And if you’re lucky, they’ll remember you and return the favor!