This Statue Of Destiny 2’s Savathûn Can Terrorize Your Living Room

Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, doesn’t launch until tomorrow but you can have the titular villain orchestrate intricate schemes your own home with this grotesque statue of Savathûn.

Manufactured by Numskull Designs, who has previously crafted Destiny statues of Eris Morn, Cayde-6, and others, this collectible version of the Sister of Shapes stands 11.5 inches tall and sports an equally imposing wingspan of 26 inches. The intricately detailed and hand-painted Savathûn sits atop a base (complete with acolyte soldier) with plastic wing supports. 

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If you’re intrigued, you can pre-order the statue right now on Numskull’s store page for $200.00. It’s expected to ship sometime during Q3 2022 (between July and September).

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen arrives February 22. You can read our extended preview of the expansion here.