Tips and Tricks For New Streamers: Small Twitch Streamers “For Free” Bible

There are a lot of amazing bots you can get for twitch; however, some come with a small price. Truthfully, nothing in streaming is that expensive to begin with, but below we will list all the free software you can use to set up and start streaming today!  

The hardware for streaming is also required.  We are not listing any hardware in this post, but you will need a PC to use the software below.

If you are looking for a twitch bot that almost does anything you could ever want, [url=]Ankhbot[/url] is your bot.  Although the creator, Marcin Swierzowski, has said that he no longer updates this bot, he is extremely modest and generous and has quietly kept his bot updated and current. However, he is not adding any new features.   If you want to drop a donation his way you can contact Marcin Swierzowski via Twitter @AnkhHeart.  Remember, in the streaming culture, donations are important.  Although Ankhbot is free, make sure you share the love.

Open Broadcaster Software:
If you want to start broadcasting, you will need [url=]Open Broadcaster Software[/url].  This software actually has two different versions, OBS Studio / Classic.  No, it’s not a “pay for an upgrade” type deal.  OBS Classic was most streamers go to software for years.  However, the developer community decided to develop OBS Studio from scratch to make it usable across all platforms, Linux, Mac, and Windows.  Both are free, both are open source, both are amazing.  Please note OBS Classic is no longer updated and various Alert streaming services have stopped supporting them. 

So how do you use this software so you can start streaming?   Well that’s a whole other post my friends!  You will need a  notification service (also free) such as Streamlabs.  You will also need a little patience and a lot of YouTube tutorials!