Travis Scott’s Fortnite Event Was A Sight To Behold

Click to watch embedded media With Fortnite, you never know what to expect next. Thanos could appear in the world out of the blue or the entire game could be rendered unplayable because it was sucked into a black hole. Developer Epic Games has worked wonders with its events, often surprising players with them when they least expect to have their game upended. A few days ago, we reported Travis Scott was going to debut a new song through a musical event Epic Games dubbed “an other-worldly experience.” The event is over and it fit Epic’s billing perfectly. Fortnite is becoming quite the stage for reveals, whether it’s for movies like Star Wars or music like Travis Scott’s.

The production values for this musical experience were through the roof, putting on a show of enormous scale that was filled with color and style. You just have to see it for yourself. The tweet below gives you a brief highlight reel and you can see the entire event in the video above.

HOLY… the Travis Scott event in Fortnite was the one of the COOLEST events yet! Absolute UNREAL!
— Jon (@MrDalekJD) April 23, 2020