10 Best Fortnite Skins / Sets Ever

After talking with our community and polling our readers, we created a top 10 list of the best Fortnite skins that Epic Games has released so far.

10.  Ginger Gunner & Merry Marauder

The holiday skins polled the highest in our survey because they are the most rare skins in the game.  Only coming around once a year, and possible never coming back, as Epic Games may release different variations next season.  Ginger Gunner (released a day prior) and her Merry Marauder hold down the number 10 spot on our list.

9.  Crackshot

Epic Games went big on Christmas, and by big, we mean the size of the head.  This was the first skin released that used a large head, later seen in Cuddle Team Leader and Tomatohead.  A classic and 2000 V-Bucks, so much rarer than the other skins released on Christmas.


8.  Tomatohead

A popular skin based off the Tomato Town logo.  Someone on Reddit had came up with a very similar design prior to this being released.   Although it was never confirmed that this idea was inspired by Reddit, some like to think it was.

This skin came equipped with a pizza delivery box backpack bling.

Submission/idea by a Reddit user a month prior to the release of skin:

7. Bunny Brawler & Rabbit Raider

As we stated earlier, the holiday (Easter) skins seem to be popular because they aren’t as easy to get once you pass them up a few times.  Coincidentally, Bunny Brawler was voted as the “hottest body” in Fortnite.  That probably has to do with Epic Games adding a little more padding to her bunny suit back side, plus she came equipped with her very own bunny “tail feather”.    Rabbit Raider is probably the most psychopathic skin in the game.  Is there anything more scary than that Fortnite skin jumping around with a shotgun running towards you?

This skin came equipped with an easter egg backpack bling.  This was the beginning of the Fortnite “bling” era.


6. Teknique & Abstrakt

While the super hero theme was the theme for Season 4 of the Fortnite Battle Pass, Teknique and Abstrakt stole the show.  Epic Games puts an urban touch on their skins and released one of Hip Hop’s 4 elements graffiti artists.   Also a great way to introduce the “spray” emotes to the game.

Abstrakt came equipped with a spray paint backpack bling.


5. Omega

Black skins are scary.  Black skins are sought after.  Black skins are 4 out of the top 5 skins voted on by our readers.  The Omega has various features that none of the other skins have, upgrades.   From the lights changing colors, to the armor being able to be added and removed.  This skin shows the direction Fortnite is heading with their skins and UI.  We like it.  It isn’t an accident that the Tier 100 skins have all been murdered out (black).

4.  The Reaper

Otherwise known as John Wick.  Season 3 of the Battle Pass was at the height of Fortnite’s growth, Ninja blowing up and then playing with Drake, and the game extending cross platform.  Everyone that was anyone bought the Battle Pass and this was the skin at the end of the 100 Tier grind.   Nothing crazy, just a man in a black suit.  Yes.


3.  Red Knight & Black Knight

The Red Knight, probably the second most rarest skins in the game at this point.  One of the first skins to cost 2000 V-Bucks, and players just weren’t ready to drop $20 on a skin yet.   A lot of people have been clamoring about the possibility of this skin being released again since it technically wasn’t part of Season 2 Battle Pass, but so far, it has been out of the rotation.  The counter part to the Red Knight was the Black Knight, which was attainable through the original Battle Pass and will never be released again.

These skins came equipped with sheilds backpack bling.  At the time, these backpacks were not removable and it were default.

2. Cuddle Team Leader & Love Ranger

This skin probably should have been number 1 on the list but because these skins aren’t quite as rare, they hit the number 2 spot.  You haven’t seen a video of Fortnite where players aren’t wearing the wing backpack at some point.   Well, the Love Ranger is the only way to get that backpack.   Cuddle Team Leader is probably one of the most well designed skins in the game.  This skin also gives a good throw back feeling to Dead Rising.

These skin came equipped with a black bow (Cuddle Team Leader) and wings (Love Ranger). Before you criticize why this skin is sitting pretty at number 2, look around the game and check how many people are wearing the bow or the wings on their backs.

1.  Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper.  The OG, the original, the first skin released on Fortnite.  Players just were not ready to spend money / V-Bucks on the game, as it wasn’t as popular and this skin disappeared after the holiday season.   If you were one of the lucky smart ones, you purchased this skin.  An absolute classic and probably the rarest skin in the game.  At this point, players would probably pay upwards to 10K V-Bucks just to have this skin on their account.  When you see this OG skin coming?  Leave the area immediately.

Unfortunately this is one of the few skins where the female counterpart, Ghoul Trooper, was a huge let down.  The beginning of the “skin” era, so the green painted skin didn’t age well.